God will break the control and influence of the unfaithful shepherds who have misled the sheep in seeking their own glory, let the sheep become “scattered,” and have not “strengthened the weak” nor “healed the sick” nor “brought back those driven away” (Ezek. 34:3-10).  Consider also Zech. 11:8, 15-17.  After God so judges, His people will rebuild His spiritual Temple now lying in ruins—rebuild it on the right foundation laid by Zerubbabel, faithfully following his judgments, ordinances and instructions.


The Church cannot “hasten the coming of the day of God” (II Pet. 3:12)—our end time service to all mankind—until the rebuilding resumes.  We cannot be “accounted worthy to escape” (Luke 21:36) unless we complete the Temple faithfully.  Anyone who now turns back to the authority and doctrine of God's faithful apostle, even after all these years, and fervently prays for the restoration of God's Church, will be accounted by God among the first of the laborers to return to our commissioned work prophesied by Haggai:  God promises He will forgive any spiritual error you have followed, or even taught, when you “pray toward His Temple” in true repentance (Dan. 9:3-5, 16-19; II Chron. 6:19-21, 26-31).


Please give serious consideration to this message even if, as will be the case for many, it is significantly contrary to what you presently believe. Rather than dismissing it out of hand, please pray God will show you if it is true.  You lose nothing by so praying.  If you pray this and sincerely want to know God's will even if it is different than your present understanding, He promises to reveal it to you (John 7:16-17).



Your brethren in Christ







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